Wellness App UX

Conceptual ideas for a next generation wellness app

The Challenge

Köp Inderal på nätet Hultsfred Concept ways to seamlessly integrate new digital wellness monitoring devices into the everyday lives of consumers with the goal of improving both their minds/bodies and their work/social lives.

What I Did

il trading di opzioni binarie funziona Can’t go into great detail about this project due to the NDA I signed. Still, I’m including it here to showcase not so much the actual solution (which was awesome, by the way), but the way in which I went about explaining my ideas to the team I was working with.

buy tastylia I can’t even say which agency I was working with, but it was a large firm in the northwest who does a lot of work with a ginormous mobile hardware/software company. My client was tasked with concepting ways in which a new wearable health monitoring tool (think: Fitbit, Pebble, iWatch, etc.) could integrate with software on a mobile device to help improve a users life.

För Atarax 10mg For a week, a tactical team of four of us cooped ourselves up in various conference rooms and scribbled furiously. My main role was to take the high level conceptual ideas we came up with and try to bring them down to Earth a little in the form of wireframes and conceptual diagrams that could be used to explain things to the client. Below are some of the materials I created.


titantrade These images are from the first couple if days. We kicked around high level data organization ideas and quickly iterated on possible ways these could be depicted in an interface. We determined that all data could be bucketed into four categories — mind, body, work, life — and used this as the backbone for all ideas.

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طريقة سهلة لكسب المال السريع CONCEPTUAL WIREFRAMES

andreas hirte binaere option A lot of ideas came out of the brainstorms, but below is mine. I wanted something that only required a glance at your phone to know how you were doing overall. I wanted it to be completely absent of text or other visual distractions. Basically, I wanted, a beautiful depiction of your “wellness” overall that evolved and changed as your moods and behaviors ebbed and flowed.

investing group binary options The visual of overlapping circles came to mind. These circles bubble up or down depending on how the user behaves. In the middle was a balance marker. If you were paying too much attention to one aspect of your mind, body, work or life, the circle that depicts that part would rise or fall above or below the center line. For example, if you’re working long hours at the office (the app knows you’re at work late by using GPS coordinates), your work bubble would rise. At the same time, because you’re not home with the family or out at your favoriate bar, your life bubble descends. The goal is to keep these bubbles in balance as much as possible. cpa opzioni binarie That’s the high level idea. Beneath that there was, of course, ways in which a user could dig deeper into the specific scores for each measurement. The app analyzed the user’s behavior and suggested ways to improve the scores by suggesting tips and offering advice.

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