Tutors on Campus Website UX/UI

Connecting college students to the tutors that can help them best.

The Challenge

sildenafil på nätet The practice of tutors working to help students improve their grasp on subjects has been going on for a very long time. Traditionally, students find tutors by looking for subject matter experts who’s college background best fits the subject in which they are struggling. Unfortunately, while industry accolades and impressive diplomas make for robust tutor resumes, they do not always guarantee academic success for the student.

iq optional demo Tutors on Campus was aiming to change this by developing a system than not only connected tutors and students based on academic needs, but also on softer topics like preferred teaching/learning modalities and outside personal interests.

What I Did binäre optionen high yield modus I was asked by my client, Unison, to come in and take on the UX for this project. Some initial work had been done, but things were stalled at the “what if…” point in the discovery phase.

billig-Viagra von ratiopharm I started by getting into the details of what was feasible and weeding out what wasn’t. From there I worked to flesh out the reality of the different agreed upon features with the development team. Many rounds of wireframes ensued and I delivered approximately 45 different wires.

top 10 forex signal service After the UX phase was complete, I then started on the design phase where I established the overall creative direction or the site before handing off the design of all the pages to Unison staff designers.


daily forex trend analysis The first step for me was to get my head around the scale and scope of the project. The main aspect of the site that quickly became evident was the fact that there needed to be three sides that supported distinctly different user needs.

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Tastylia Strips 20mg Tadalafil Ghevarsha International Legal Supplier They’re super-busy and need to manage scheduling and communications with several students at once plus their own timesheets and payment collection.[/thmlv_one_third]

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För Viagra 130 mg utan recept binär optionen hütchenstrategie Students

currency rate in pakistan live Over-stressed and with varying attention spans, students might have multiple tutors for different subjects. They’re also looking to see how they compare with their peers. [/thmlv_one_third] come avere segnali gratis per le opzioni bi [thmlv_one_third_last]toc_chart_admin_v1a

binäre optionen besten broker Tadalafil Oral Strips No Prescription TOC Administrators حسابات الخيار التجريبي الثنائية Tutors on Campus staff members need to add/remove tutors and students, run reports, handle questions and even watch for cheaters.[/thmlv_one_third_last]

There were no clear best practices or similar sites to help guide what should or shouldn’t be in the initial launch. To work this out, we conducted a series of meetings where we brainstormed everything we could possibly want. From there, I worked with the development team to prioritize what we could get done within the client’s timeline.




After we nailed the features and functionality list, I began on the wireframes for the student view. This side of the site held all of the core functionality like the calendaring tool, the ability to make a schedule and the processes for booking a tutor. Focusing on these foundational features first allowed the dev team to start building them out while I worked on refining how they were all integrated.













The tutor side of the site was more complex and took far more time than the student. There were communication and note taking tools, timesheets and payment tracking features to work out. Most tutors were also managing several students at once so we needed to address the issue of multiple account connections.











Once all of the wireframes were approved, I moved onto the UI design phase. The client already had a brand look and feel that they liked so I had to work within the confines of that. They wanted to initially only use black and blue, but that really limited the ways in which I could indicate the clickability of things or the status of items in the calendar. After several rounds of experimentation we ended up adding a small secondary palette to make the pages easier to use.