NFCU Stride Art Website UI

A realtime runner generated art experience

The Challenge opzioni binatiw tenpo Collaborate with multiple Navy Federal Credit Union marketing agencies to architect and design a unique “digital memento” for runners of the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. that utilizes live data to create a one-of-a-kind collaborative art piece. Needs to be exciting, dynamic, highly interactive and socially portable to encourage sharing. Should also be a feel good brand-focused piece that avoids a heavy handed marketing message.

What I Did bruno editore opzioni binarie I was invited by my client, STUDIO LLC, to submit some design concepts based on the loose brief as described above and some vague “splatter” moodboards created by another agency handling the offline promotions. I began experimenting and created the initial dark blue concepts shown below. After some rounds of revision and extensive collaboration with the STUDIO developers around what data was available and how it could be parsed in real-time, I adjusted the designs to the lighter versions shown farther down. These were then coded and implemented at the marathon.

siti per comprare azioni binarie The end result was a successful experiment that incorporated tons of real-time data into an interesting and dynamic art piece for runners to remember the day by. We’re currently experimenting with how to improve the system for next year’s marathon.

free forex bonus 2017 SHOE PRINT ARTWORK

The shoe print was to be the centerpiece of the creative approach so there was a lot of attention focused on it. Initially, with the direction to create something artistic and unique, I created the design below. The image was slightly abstract with an organic feeling and a lot of depth and layers.

As the race progressed and runners began to cross the finish line, dots would be added from left to right. Due to the logistical challenges of trying to manage a one-to-one dot/runner relationship, we opted for a “suggestive” grouping of dots as packs of runners came across the line.

The animation would play live on both the homepage of the website and a huge jumbotron at the finish line of the race.

[thmlv_one_half] opzioni binarie testimonianze Animation 01projects_nfcu_stride_art_07[/thmlv_one_half] [thmlv_one_half_last] opzioni binarie effetto leva Animation 02projects_nfcu_stride_art_08[/thmlv_one_half_last]

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binäre optionen marktführer Animation Finalprojects_nfcu_stride_art_11 top options Animation on Jumbotron (mockup)projects_nfcu_stride_art_12


وسطاء ثنائية الخيار في الهند INITIAL WEBSITE CREATIVE

Along with the shoe print artwork, I created these interface designs to show how runners would find their contribution to the stride art. I particularly liked the juxtaposition of the abstract, organic artwork underneath the fun, flat and modern-looking interface.

Tastylia Oral Strip Post Race Find My Stride Page
This first screen shows what the runners would see when they came to the website after the race to find their piece of the artwork.



asbo binäre optionen Poster Page
Each runner would have his/her own poster page where they could see their stats and a call out of their contribution to the artwork. This could then be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.



binäre optionen broker 1 dollar FINAL WEBSITE DESIGNS

The initial creative was well received, but the shoe print was deemed too abstract to fit along side some other offline creative that was being handled by another agency. To address this, I worked with the other agency to bring our designs into harmony and then create a shoe print graphic that worked across all aspects of the campaign.

binäre optionen trading tipps Pre-Race Homepage
After aligning the website creative with the other offline creative being done elsewhere, I designed these screens. The first one shows the pre-race homepage where runners could learn about the project and sign up for alerts. A video at the top gave more info.



binäre optionen handelsplattformen During Race Homepage
On race day, the homepage switched to this view and friends and family of the runners could log on and see the shoe art fill in as the runners cross the finish line.



binära optioner risker Post Race Find My Stride Page
This is where the creative ended up. I designed and created the shoe art myself from scratch.



opcje binarne agata Poster Page
This is what the final poster page looked like for runners.