Americord Brand Identity

Warming up cold science for caring parents

The Challenge

casalinga romana guadagna col trading binario 75000 Take something as cold and scientific as cord blood and tissue banking and make it warm and friendly for expecting parents.

What I Did

99binary Americord approached me directly and ask that I help them come up with a new corporate brand identity. In their mind this involved simply whipping up a new logo and they were eager to jump into designs. I, however, wanted to dig a little deeper so I kicked off the project by giving each of the senior executives involved a questionnaire to fill out separately. binäre optionen 30 minuten strategie The questions were designed to probe their thoughts on two levels. First, I needed to know what they thought about the current brand; where was it falling down in telling the story they wanted to convey? Second, I needed to know how big a gap we had to jump to get from where things were to where they wanted the brand to be.

azioni binarie si guadagna The results were interesting. In our next meeting, each stakeholder took turns reading his/her response and great discussions ensued. The results of this were fantastically helpful and we left the meeting with some key values and ideas that really jumpstarted the creative process.

buy Priligy online fast delivery in Tacoma Washington From there, I created a series of several ideas which were finally refined down to the final logo. Once that was established, I expanded the design into a small style guide that showed different examples of how to implement the identity elements.

pokemon trading card game online STAKEHOLDER QUESTIONNAIRE

test binäre optionen Here are some sample questions and responses from the stakeholder questionnaire.

binaire opties heineken tastylia 01: What’s are the biggest barriers you need to overcome when convincing consumers to choose your products/services?
“There are other more established and larger companies out there. We are a relatively new entrant. We need to punch above our weight in terms of everything we do to attract customers.”

tastylia review sildenafil billiger 09: What’s driving your need for this branding project?
“We are growing fast and need branding that will carry us to the next level. Our current branding has been diluted over time, and there are no set rules for producing branded materials.”

can i buy premarin over the counter 11: What goals are your customers are trying to achieve when choosing your company?
“They want to sleep better at night knowing that they did something special for their children.”

strategia forex adx e stocastico QUICK COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS

One of the things that Americord wanted to drive home with the new identity was that they had an entirely different way of thinking about the business than their competitors, most of whom were “me too” types that followed the direction of the industry leader.

To begin this process, I started looking at color. I took the marketing materials (brochures, websites, etc.) of each competitor and boiled their color palettes down to the most prominent eight colors. I then did the same for the top websites frequented by women within the target demographic (women are the prominent decision makers in this market).

The results highlighted an interesting gap. The competitors sites all boiled down to a cold and corporate palette, while the frequently visited sites all had either warm and friendly palettes or bright and sophisticated ones. This insight drove the decision to go with a brighter, more consumer-friendly color palette. It also helped guide later decisions around font and the choice of different graphic shapes.




vivere di opzioni binarie CREATIVE CONCEPTS

I produced three initial concepts with a total of four designs. They ranged from human to futuristic to strong, smart and trustworthy.






where can i order fincar online DESIGN EXPLORATIONS

The client liked both human and the futuristic concepts. I worked to combine the two and then blow out the design to show how the identity might be applied to different instances.


projects_americord_branding_16 unicredit opzioni binarie FINAL DESIGNS

Through many rounds of iteration, the final logo sadly lost all of its human qualities. The end result is a scientific-looking circle with slightly off center dots. The idea being that the design represents abstract elements like DNA bands or cells or research data points.

projects_americord_branding_17 fare tranding binario BRAND GUIDELINES

The final deliverable was a style guide that showed the dos and don’ts of how to apply the identity elements. This was important for the sake of brand consistency since Americord outsources a lot of design work to different resources.