Opcje binarne realne zarobki, Opcje binarne trend follower

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Areas of Expertise…

Daily passions spanning four disciplines.



User Experience

The science of crafting digital experiences that meet the needs of users without fuss or bother.



Digital Design

The art of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of type, space and image.




The establishment of a visual language through which a brand can communicate its values and ideas.




The creation of images that tell a brand story, show a product/service or capture an important moment. Visit my photo portfolio for more.

Who I work with…

Big agency or small, local brand… it doesn’t matter.

One of the things I enjoy about being a consultant is the diversity of projects it brings. Some days I’m working with large agencies on national or international campaigns, while other days I’m helping a local start-up figure out how to talk about themselves.

With my extensive agency background as a creative lead, I can take on large projects and drive the user experience or creative strategy while also being hands-on and doing what needs to be done.

When working directly with a brands, I offer big agency thinking without the associated overhead and lengthy timelines.



Big Agencies

  • Creative or User Experience lead with 20 years experience
  • Ability to think strategically
  • Hands-on with creation of deliverables




Local Brands

  • Big agency thinking without the cost
  • Quick, affordable approach based on research not on what’s tendy
  • Network of partners customized to your particular needs


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Clients say…

[testimonial_slider autorotate=”5000″] [testimonial name=”Andrea Fabbri / Director of Strategy, NY Office / Branding Business” quote=”Geoff is a thoughtful, collaborative, reliable professional gifted with the rare ability to develop uncluttered, effective and engaging user experiences for products, services and communication channels. His ability to think holistically about user engagement enables him to develop solutions that combine always innovation with common sense and always with an eye toward the business goal.” id=”t1″] [testimonial name=”Dan Roam / Author / Back of the Napkin” quote=”Geoff Badner is the best interaction designer I have ever worked with. I’ve known Geoff for twenty years and he consistently creates the most visually pleasing and navigationally coherent designs, period. But better than that, Geoff thinks. I mean he really takes the problem you present him and tears it apart in ways that never occurred to you — and doesn’t rest until he has figured it out. Because he is so good, Geoff is busy — but do not let that stop you. Keep after him until he finds time for you. It will be the best design decision you make.” id=”t2″] [/testimonial_slider]